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Matt Knight & Diana Jaunzeikare

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We're Matt & Diana and we love the outdoors

Whether it's hiking, cycling or kayaking, we're always looking for ways to explore more. There is such amazing natural beauty all around us, and it has never been more accessible.

Our goal is to inspire you to explore the outdoors, and give you the information you need to do it. We share our journey on our blog, YouTube and Instagram, so subscribe and see what we're up to!

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Our current journey

You might call us mad, but we're on a journey - we've hit the road full time to explore all 400+ National Park Units in the United States. We think it'll take a few years, but there's only one way to find out!

Driving our truck, we're towing a 25ft travel trailer that we call home. We like to say that we don't live in our RV - we live out of it! Nature is our living room, and traveling like this lets us get up close and personal with the outdoors.

So jump in, catch up, and join us as we explore!

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