100 YouTube Videos

Thu Sep 24 2020

Less than two years after publishing our first video on YouTube, we've now shared 100 videos!

100 YouTube Videos
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100th YouTube video

Today's YouTube video, the final part in our remodel series, is a little special in a couple of ways.

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Before & after: CUSTOM desk + full reveal! | RV Remodel Part 3

First, this is the 100th video on our YouTube channel! We published our first video on October 23, 2018 - just under 2 years ago. Diana has singlehandedly edited, produced and uploaded every single video on our channel - a huge achievement by any standard!

When we started this adventure, neither of us had any video-production experience. Despite that, Diana has worked tirelessly to try and continually improve with every new video we release. In fact, it takes on average about 15 hours of editing for each video!

Cumulatively, our videos have now been watched over 430,000 times - that's over 60,000 hours that people have spent watching our adventures! We've also had almost 1,600 comments on our channel and we love reading the overwhelmingly positive messages! Thank you!

Good headphones are an essential item for working in an RV, and Diana's headphones had almost completely fallen apart. So to celebrate this milestone, Diana has invested in a pair of professional quality headphones as worn by sound engineers!

Camera Gear

Want to know what gear we use for our photos and videos? We share it all!

Camera Gear

Second, today's video is a little late going live. We normally strive to publish new videos at 6am Pacific time on Thursdays, but we missed that today.

We arrived at a new RV park yesterday evening, planning to upload the video overnight, but the campground WiFi was almost unusable, and the upload speeds on both AT&T and Verizon were incredibly slow.

So instead, we've driven into the local town to sit in our truck outside the public library and upload our video! This is the first time in 2 years that we've had to do this - not too bad I guess!

Speaking of internet connectivity, one of the questions we get asked most often is about how we stay connected on the road. Look out for a blog post coming very soon!

Propane mishap!

A problem with the propane system on your RV could at best leave you without heating and cooking, and at worst cause a fire or even an explosion. It's one part of the RV that you really don't want to go wrong.

Installing a High Capacity Propane Regulator

We upgraded our propane regulator to a high capacity model to ensure we can reliably run all the propane appliances in our RV.

Installing a High Capacity Propane Regulator

Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to us this week!

As we've done many times before, we stopped in at a Tractor Supply Co to refill our propane cylinders. We've consistently found them to have great prices, and stopping with the trailer in tow means we're not lugging heavy cylinders in and out of the truck bed.

I knew something wasn't right. Our two tanks each hold ~7 gallons of propane, but they put over 8 gallons in the first tank. I said that it seemed high, and he just kind of shrugged it off. I figured he knew more about it than I did, so I didn't push it further.

Big mistake.

We got to our destination and as we were setting up, we could smell propane around the tongue of the trailer. We removed the plastic cover and we could hear propane leaking out of that tank, up near the valve. It also wouldn't let propane flow when we opened the valve.

Again, I'm no expert, but I think the tank had been overfilled, and the relief valve was venting the propane. This can be really dangerous! Especially in hot weather or if there's a source of combustion nearby, overfilled tanks can explode!

After researching the topic some more, I removed the propane cylinder from the trailer and manually opened the bleeder valve, allowing propane to escape. I stopped periodically and checked to see if the valve would work again. Once it did, I closed the bleeder valve fully and put it back on the trailer - all good again.

But the moral of the story here is to trust your gut! Diana and I both thought something was up, but since the staff member said it was OK, we just went with it. When safety is at risk, if in doubt, ask to speak to someone else!

Winter camping

It's essential that our propane system is working well, as we're going to be spending this winter in some very cold conditions.

Like most RVers, we've spent the last couple of winters in warmer areas - Arizona in our case. Not this year. We've been scouting out RV parks in Vermont and New Hampshire this week, visiting a couple to decide where we want to stay.

We think we've found the one. I won't share the location yet, but I will say that the owner is really friendly, the area is absolutely beautiful and best of all it's within easy reach of some amazing skiing opportunities. Oh, and it looks like we'll have no problem with internet connectivity either!

We've camped in cold conditions before, but only down to about 25°F. This winter it's going to be colder than that - much colder! We're preparing for winter lows down to 0°F, and if a bad storm rolls through then it could get much lower than that!

Between now and mid-November, we're going to be looking at a few mods, upgrades and RV accessories to help us stay warm and comfortable this winter. I'm looking forward to making use of our smart RV home automation system to keep us warm while also trying to minimize our spending on electricity and propane.

Welcome to our Smart RV

A smart RV isn't just about turning on the lights with your phone. It's about using technology to make your RV more comfortable, efficient and secure!

Welcome to our Smart RV

Let us know in the comments if you have some good tips to share about cold weather camping!

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