Adventurous Way Featured in RV Life Magazine

Tue May 28 2019

Our story was picked up by RV Life Magazine who published a great article about our journey.

Adventurous Way Featured in RV Life Magazine

When we hit the road last summer, we were stepping into the unknown. We had been planning it for 2 years, but it still felt scary. It was different. It wasn't "normal".

But we set ourselves a goal: visit all the National Park Units across the US. And we applied ourselves to it.

As well as exploring the National Parks, a big part of what we wanted to do was share our journey. We felt (and still feel) like the National Parks are one of the most valuable resources in the country, and we wanted everyone to see the beauty we saw.

How do you share a journey like this? The most compelling stories are inspiring, educational and entertaining, so that's what we set out to accomplish. We don't just want to show beautiful photos and videos of the places we go (although we do enjoy that!), we want to show you how you can experience it too. And we want to have some fun along the way!

So we were delighted when TC Wait, author at RV Life Magazine emailed us, wanting to learn about our quest to visit all the National Park Units while living in an RV.

Roll the clock forward a few weeks and we found ourselves on the phone with TC Wait, having a really fun chat about the RV lifestyle and our approach to exploring the National Parks.

This week, she published an article about our journey in RV Life Magazine: This Couple Is Visiting All 419 National Park Sites.

We love it! It's an incredibly well written story about what inspired us to hit the road and start this journey. She's beautifully captured the spirit of our quest - it's about exploring each place and making the most of it, not rushing to complete them all.

At the time the article was published, we were up to number 26 out of 419 - El Malpais National Monument. We are well behind on blog posts (and videos!), so we're working hard to catch up. In the meantime, make sure to check out our latest National Park blog post about Tumacácori National Historical Park, our latest video about White Sands National Monument, and of course, the article in RV Life Magazine!

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