Gift Ideas for RVers

Wed Nov 25 2020

Buying gifts for people can be hard, even more so when they live in an RV and have no space to fit things! Here's our list of top gift ideas for your RVer friends and family!

Gift Ideas for RVers

There are a lot of benefits to the RVing lifestyle - we can travel to beautiful areas and explore so many wonderful places. But when it comes to gifts, there is one big issue: we don't have much space! Everything we own has to serve a purpose (or several) and earn its place in our RV.

We've learned to embrace this, seeing it not as a restriction, but as an opportunity to focus on what we enjoy most: experiences not "stuff". I know many other RVers feel the same way.

But gift-giving can still be a wonderful thing. We've compiled a list of some of our favorite gifts that don't take up any space whatsoever, and help RVers to make the most of their life on the road!

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Harvest Hosts

We had been on the road for over two years before we finally signed up to Harvest Hosts. We had definitely been missing out!

The premise is pretty simple. Once you sign up as a member, you can stay overnight at locations all across the country. These are places like vineyards, wineries, breweries, farms, museums and even golf couress. There's no charge for your overnight stay, but you are expected to buy something from the venue - visit the museum, buy a bottle of wine (or two!) or some fresh produce from the farm shop.

You're only allowed to stay one night (unless the venue invites you to stay longer), but as we learned on our epic cross-country drive from Washington to New York, there's nothing better a wine tasting at the end of a long driving day!

Coast to Coast in 8 Days

In just one week we've traveled almost 2,500 miles across 12 states on our way from Washington to New York - and we've hit a lot of firsts!

Coast to Coast in 8 Days

You can buy a 1-year gift membership for Harvest Hosts, and use our special code AWAY for an extra 15% off!

Plan to Eat

When we first hit the road, one of the first mods we did was replacing our fridge and freezeer doors with dry-erase whiteboards so we could write up our meal plan for the week ahead.

Installing Magnetic Dry-Erase RV Fridge / Freezer Doors

In a small trailer like ours, everything must be multi-purpose. It was surprising to us therefore that the fridge and freezer doors should be made of heavy dark wood - sapping the light out of our small kitchen area and providing no utility! They had to go - and for under $27 we replaced them with magnetic dry-erase doors!

Installing Magnetic Dry-Erase RV Fridge / Freezer Doors

This was great, but we wanted something more.

Plan to Eat has taken our meal planning to the next level. We can import recipes from the web or add our own, then plan them out on a calendar. It uses this to automatically generate our grocery shopping list, even splitting things up by aisle and even which store we prefer to buy things in.

Then, when we go shopping, it's easy to check things off using the app on our phones (both iOS and Android). And since it syncs to the cloud, Diana and I can each start working through the list and it syncs our changes.

Even if you're not an RVer, a gift membership for Plan to Eat would make a great gift!

Escapees RV Club

When we hit the road, the first thing we did was drive to Texas and establish our Texas residency with Escapees RV Club.

Establishing Texas Residency with Escapees RV Club

Despite the nomadic lifestyle of many full-time RVers, everyone in the US must have a home state. Our main reason for driving all the way from California down to Texas was to become Texas residents - to establish Texas as our domicile state.

Establishing Texas Residency with Escapees RV Club

Escapees RV Club is the largest RV club in the world and strives to be a total support network for all RVers. They also have lots of sub-communities, including the Xscapers who organize some fantastic events, several of which we've been to over the years.

For both recreational RVers and a full-timers, I highly recommend a gift membership to Escapees RV Club. With so many benefits, it's an absolute bargin!

National Park Pass (America the Beautiful)

While entry to some National Park Units is free, there are many that charge an entrance fee. But there's an alternative - the National Park annual pass known as America the Beautiful which offers free entrance to Federally operated recreation sites across the country, including the National Parks!

On our quest to explore all 400+ National Park Units, we definitely get our money's worth from this pass, but it may take just a few visits in a year to justify the price!

Visiting all 400+ National Park Units

There is so much beauty in America’s National Parks. We’ve glimpsed at it as we have visited and explored many of the parks out West, but why stop there? We love adventure, which is why we’ve decided to go and visit every single one - all 417 National Park units!

Visiting all 400+ National Park Units

A gift membership for the America the Beautiful pass is not only a great incentive to get out and explore the amazing National Parks, but also a great way to support the National Park system itself. There's also a senior pass available for those over 62.


We love to hike, but since we're always traveling to new areas, we're always on the lookout for great hikes. We've found some of our favorite hikes on AllTrails!

Guadalupe Mountains National Park: Stunning Hiking in Texas

Built from a magnificent Permian fossil reef, the Guadalupe Mountains National Park hosts the 4 highest peaks in Texas and offers incredible hiking opportunities. Amongst the intrigues of the park are its unusual timezone, giant gypsum sand dunes and McKittrick Canyon - said to be the most beautiful trail in Texas. Intrigued? So were we - read on to learn more!

Guadalupe Mountains National Park: Stunning Hiking in Texas

While it's free to sign up for AllTrails, there are several benefits to AllTrails Pro, their paid membership service. We like AllTrails Pro because it allows us to download GPS tracks and routes to our phones so we can hike places where we have no cell service, but there are more features such as off-route notifications and Lifeline which allows you to stay connected with friends and family.

If you know someone who loves to hike, then consider an AllTrails Pro gift membership.

Amazon Prime

There's a lot packed into Amazon Prime these days. It's not just about free 2-day delivery on things you buy on Amazon - it also includes access to free movies, TV shows, music and even books!

While our RV doesn't have a home movie setup like I used to have in our house, I still love watching movies and thanks to our internet setup, Amazon Prime Video works great!

How we get Internet in our RV

Whether you just want to check emails and social media, stream movies or work from the road, reliable internet connectivity in your RV has never been more important. Here's how we do it!

How we get Internet in our RV

Since we're so often traveling to new areas, we don't always know where we can buy things locally, and may not be in an area long enough to wait for a store to order something in for us. That's where Amazon's free 2-day shipping comes in.

If we're staying with friends or in an RV park, we can order things to be shipped directly to us, but their network of Amazon Lockers is also great - we can have things shipped to a locker and stop by on a travel day!

There have been stretches where we've not been able to receive Amazon deliveries very easily, and I won't lie, it's been tough! An Amazon Prime membership makes RVing so much easier!

Ebooks & Audiobooks

While we're on the subject of entertainment, let's talk about books! Sometimes it's nice to curl up with a good read - especially after working on a laptop all day!

RV Remodel with Ergonomic Workspace: Before & After

After living full-time in our RV for 2 years, it was time to remodel. We embarked on a big project to remodel our RV and build the ultimate ergonomic workspace.

RV Remodel with Ergonomic Workspace: Before & After

But books and RVs don't go together very well - they take up a lot of space and weight! Fortunately, Diana and I both have an Amazon Kindle - I love my Kindle Oasis with its detachable cover!

In addition to buying ebooks for your Kindle, Amazon members are also eligible for the First Reads program - each month I get to choose one new book for free from a selection of different genres. It's a great way to find new authors, or even try out a new genre from time to time!

On long journeys, we sometimes like to listen to audiobooks, and a membership to Audible can make a great gift.

Our Longest Ever Travel Day

Ordinarily we try not to travel more than 200 miles in a day, but sometimes it doesn't work out that way - like yesterday's 900 mile journey!

Our Longest Ever Travel Day

We really enjoyed Sapiens and its sequel, Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari, and recently we've started listening to some of Bill Bryson's wonderful books, starting with The Mother Tongue.

Online Learning

If you're looking for something a little more educational, then there are some great options out there! When we first started our journey, Diana had never edited a single video before. Since then, she's published over 100 videos on our YouTube channel.

100 YouTube Videos

Less than two years after publishing our first video on YouTube, we've now shared 100 videos!

100 YouTube Videos

Diana made great use of Creative Live, a place where you can find online courses for everything from photography to music, crafting to running a business. You can gift a specific course, or a Creator Pass for full access to everything.

We've both also enjoyed LinkedIn Learning (formerly known as to pick up lots of new skills on the road.

LastPass Password Manager

If you've seen some of our recent blog posts, you know we take online security very seriously - RVers are potentially even more vulnerable than most to identity theft.

Staying Safe Online

From password managers to multifactor authentication, VPNs to browser extensions, here are some best practices for staying safe online!

Staying Safe Online

One of our top recommendations is to use a password manager. For the past several years, we've been very happily using LastPass, and a gift subscription to LastPass Premium might just be the nudge to help someone change their habits and stay safe online!

Cooking Classes

Last year for my birthday, Diana and why went for cooking classes at Sur La Table in San Antonio with our friends Phil & Stacy from You, Me & the RV - check out their video. It was really good fun and we all learned a few new skills at the same time!

Rather than making specific recommendations, find out what's available nearby - lots of places offer them!

I hope this list has given you some ideas and inspiration. Let us know in the comments if you have more gift ideas for RVers - we're always on the lookout!

Photo by Ekaterina Shevchenko on Unsplash

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