Season 2: National Park Adventure

Mon Nov 25 2019

Join us for Season 2 of our National Park adventure as we travel from California to Albuquerque, NM along the famous Route 66.

Season 2: National Park Adventure


Some RVers like to float around the country, following 70ºF and wherever their desires take them. Others have a more rigid itinerary, defined by work, family events, or other obligations.

We sit somewhere in the middle. We are learning not to plan too far ahead so we retain the ability to be spontaneous. But at the same time, it's nice to have some structure - places we plan to be at certain times.

There might only be a few such events each year - an Xscapers convergence, vacationing with family, or particular National Park events we want to attend. We call these anchor events.

This time, it was a friend's wedding. Our friends were getting married in Oklahoma City, OK in late May. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we accepted this invite while we were in Arizona, just 2 months early in March.

The question then, how do we get to the wedding? The easy way would be to fly, but we always like to do things the adventurous way!

So we decided to treat the wedding as an anchor event, and plan our travels accordingly.

National Park Units

We ended Season 1 of our National Park journey in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. That was our 14th National Park Unit after starting out at Carlsbad Caverns National Park and making our way steadily west through a slither of west Texas, southern New Mexico and Arizona.

National Parks Season 1 Recap

We learned so much during our first few months of our quest to visit all 419 National Parks in the US - let's recap!

National Parks Season 1 Recap

There is just one more National Park Unit close to the US-Mexico international border as we head west: Cabrillo National Monument near San Diego, CA.

What better place to start! From Cabrillo, we'll be heading up to Los Angeles, CA to visit Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and the Channel Islands National Park, before starting our journey east.

That journey will take us on the iconic Route 66 - also known as the Mother Road, or the Main Street of America. We'll follow Route 66 up past the Mojave Desert, stopping there to drive the infamous off-road trail along the old Mojave Road straight through Mojave National Preserve, passing by the largest Joshua Tree forest in the world.

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NAIL in a TIRE | Starting Route 66 in Santa Monica

Making our way back into Arizona, this time we'll explore the area around Flagstaff. This area is a hot spot of National Park units, from the geological majesty of Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, to the cultural history at Wupatki National Monument and Walnut Canyon National Monument.

Just a little further south past Sedona, we'll see the cliff dwellings at Montezuma Castle National Monument, and pueblos at Tuzigoot National Monument.

Further east, we'll hike around Petrified Forest National Park, enjoying its vast badlands and seeking out some petroglyphs.

As our journey continues into New Mexico, we'll stop to explore the prehistoric pueblo at El Morro National Monument, as well as the caves and volcanic fields in the badlands known as El Malpais National Monument.

Albuquerque will mark the end of our journey, and we'll leave the trailer there for a few days while we continue to Oklahoma City.


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From kayaking to off-road driving, pueblos to volcanoes, and everything in between - Season 2 is going to be an action-packed adventure!

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Route 66: California to New Mexico | National Park Travel Series Season 2 Trailer


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Route 66: California to New Mexico | National Park Travel Series Season 2 Trailer
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