Self-Hosted Podcast: Adventurous Build (Episode 53)

Sun Sep 12 2021

This week I was invited to join Self-Hosted show hosts Chris Fisher and Alex Kretzschmar to talk about my experience with self-hosting in the RV.

Self-Hosted Podcast: Adventurous Build (Episode 53)

Self-Hosted is a chat show by Jupiter Broadcasting showcasing free and open source technologies that can be self-hosted.

For us in the RV, self-hosting is a big deal. It means we can keep our data secure and private on systems that we control, but means we also have full access to our data even if we're traveling somewhere without internet connectivity - i.e. we're not relying on cloud providers.

Chris is a full-time RVer, and Alex is a fellow Brit who also emigrated to the US several years ago - so we had a lot in common to chat about!

Check out Episode 53: Adventurous Build where we talked through some of the challenges self-hosting in an RV, how we've used home automation to improve our quality of life on the road, and some of our plans for building the ultimate smart home.

Alex is also the author of the Ars Technica article earlier this year about Smart Home Nirvana that featured our Home Assistant dashboard - it was very cool to spend some time chatting with them!

Ars Technica: Smart Home Nirvana

Our home automation system was recently featured by Ars Technica in their article about achieving smart home nirvana without a subscription.

Ars Technica: Smart Home Nirvana

Photo by Will Francis on Unsplash.

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