Visiting all 400+ National Park Units

Fri Jul 06 2018

There is so much beauty in America’s National Parks. We’ve glimpsed at it as we have visited and explored many of the parks out West, but why stop there? We love adventure, which is why we’ve decided to go and visit every single one - all 417 National Park units!

Visiting all 400+ National Park Units

Wait, what? OK, let’s backup for a second.

What’s a National Park Unit, and are there really 417 of them? Most people are familiar with the National Parks - the places everyone has heard of like Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Death Valley. There are 60 of these spread out across the US, but there are many other types of area managed by the US National Park Service - these are collectively known as units. These include 87 National Monuments (e.g. Craters of the Moon NM, White Sands NM, etc), 78 National Historic Sites (e.g. John Muir NHS) and many more - in total, 417!

We love spending time in the National Parks - from the natural beauty in Yosemite, to the wildlife in Yellowstone, and the otherworldly landscapes in Death Valley. With so many of these on our doorstep in California, we have taken every opportunity to visit them. Now we want to go further afield, we want to visit every single one. But not just visit, we want to explore them all - either by hiking, cycle, kayaking, or something different, we want to see what makes each one special and share that on our blog, through our photos and our YouTube channel.

Our goal is to educate and inspire - to showcase these amazing places, and encourage others to value and enjoy them the same we do.

There are National Park Units in all 50 states in the US, as well as in the US Territories of Guam, American Samoa, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Visiting all these places is no small feat - together with our truck and RV (a small, 25ft travel trailer), we’re planning to spend the next 3 years or more, touring the country. Yes, 3 years living in a tiny box on wheels! But we don’t think of it as living in the RV - we think of it as living out of our RV, where the beauty of America’s National Parks is our living room!

Exploring these places and documenting them will be a full time job for us, so we're giving up our jobs in the Bay Area, California, to take on this challenge.

We’ll be spending the next couple of months getting preparations underway to hit the road in October - downsizing from our apartment, getting the trailer ready, and planning our route. We’ll be sharing every step of this journey on our blog and YouTube.

This is undoubtedly a huge adventure for us, but we’re so excited to have this opportunity, and we’d love for you to join us - sign up to our mailing list, follow us on Instagram (@adventurousway) and Facebook (, and subscribe to our YouTube channel (Adventurous Way).

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Young couple quit their jobs to visit all 418 U.S. National Park Units
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