Wheelie Big F-150 Upgrades

Thu Feb 10 2022

This week we've been pampering our Ford F-150 and treating it to some upgrades in honor of reaching a big milestone - 100,000 miles of adventures!

Wheelie Big F-150 Upgrades
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We've been full-time RVers since July 2018, and while our Outdoors RV 21RBS travel trailer often gets all the attention, our Ford F-150 plays a huge role in our travels too.

I bought the F-150 in 2016, long before we even thought about RVing. At the time I wanted a truck for hauling my ATVs around without having to tow a little utility trailer behind my Ford Escape. It quickly became our adventure vehicle too, taking us long road trips around the country to visit National Parks - the inspiration that ultimately led us to hitting the road with an RV in the first place!

We often get questions about the truck, and its suitability for towing our 7,500lb GVWR travel trailer. The honest answer is: it's complicated. We have a blog post all about it, as well as some of the many, many mods we've done to it!

Why we love our Ford F-150

It's hard to find a vehicle that's a comfortable daily driver, performs well off-road and is able to safely (and legally) tow our trailer. Our Ford F-150 manages it all and we love it!

Why we love our Ford F-150

In addition to mods, we've also accessorized it with a plethora of gear to try and help keep us safe and having fun while off-roading.

Essential Off-Road Gear

Before you hit the trails for some off-road fun this summer, make sure you have the right gear.

Essential Off-Road Gear

But recently, on our epic road trip from Virginia to Florida, Texas, Vermont and finally back to Virginia, our truck rolled over 100,000 miles. To celebrate this big milestone, we decided to treat the truck to a series of upgrades so that, hopefully, it'll be our faithful travel companion (and house-building hauler!) for many years to come.

We also wanted to recognize the fact that although we still consider ourselves full-time RVers, a big focus for us in future will be building our house in Vermont. We need a truck that's well set up for the Vermont climate.

Cabin Air Filter

The first of these upgrades was something that we probably should have done a long time ago - replace the cabin air filter!

Microgard 4107HP Cabin Air Filter

We replaced our Ford F-150's cabin air filter with the Microgard 4107HP HEPA filter with activated carbon for removing odors, gases and other pollutants.

Microgard 4107HP Cabin Air Filter

Since buying our Airthings View Plus air quality monitor, we've become a lot more aware of the air quality, so we opted to replace the OEM cabin air filter with a HEPA grade filter.

Front Tow Hooks

Our truck is 4WD and the Platinum trim came with chrome tow hooks on the front. Honestly, they look pretty good and functionally they work too. But having used them several times over the years, there are a couple of issues.

First, the chrome plating inevitably starts to chip and get damaged - not helped by how low the tow hooks are on the front of the truck. When the chrome plating is damaged, it allows the steel underneath to start rusting which, if nothing else, doesn't look great. Second, the hooks are fixed and in a recovery situation I find it much easier dealing with D-rings so you can loop straps or chains through quickly.

So, we decided to replace the chrome OEM front tow hooks with a Rough Country tow hook shackle mount kit and black powder coated D-rings.

Rough Country Tow Hooks

We replaced the OEM tow hooks on our Ford F-150 with the Rough Country tow hook shackle mount and D-rings to improve our recovery capabilities.

Rough Country Tow Hooks

I think the end result not only looks good, but adds a lot of useful capability in a recovery situation which, now that we're Vermonters, could be very useful in winter!

100,000 Mile Service

Over the years we've tried our best to look after the truck - staying on top of routine oil changes, being diligent about general maintenance, and fixing things when necessary.

But at 100,000 miles the truck is due for a major service, replacing spark plugs, checking and changing fluids, and a full bumper-to-bumper inspection.

As full-time RVers, we're always moving from place to place and finding a good, reputable and trustworthy dealership who will look after us even knowing we're just passing through can be a challenge.

This week we bit the bullet and dropped off our truck at CMA's Williamsburg Ford in Williamsburg, VA. Check out the blog post below to see what work had to be done and how much it all cost!

Ford F-150 100k Mile Service

As our F-150's odometer rolled over into 6 digits, it was time to take it in for its big service - we break down what work had to be done and how much it cost.

Ford F-150 100k Mile Service

Wheels & Tires

I'm saving the biggest and most expensive for last - we replaced all four wheels and tires on our truck! After leaving the Ford dealership following the service, I drove straight to Discount Tire where our new wheels and tires were waiting.

F-150 New Wheels & Tires

The time has finally come for a new set of tires on our F-150, but this time we decided to change the wheels too - find out why and what we chose!

F-150 New Wheels & Tires

Not only is this one of the most significant changes we've ever made to the truck aesthetically, we also hope the new wheels and tires will be better suited for our needs than the OEM ones.

Discount Tire Williamsburg Virginia
Putting four new wheels and tires on at Discount Tire in Williamsburg, VA.


Reaching 6 digits on our odometer feels like a big milestone in the truck's life, and reflecting back on all those miles reminds us just how many adventures this F-150 has taken us on - from ATV riding to off-roading, daily driver to road trips, moving house to moving our RV!

We're often asked if we would recommend the F-150, and we absolutely would. A full-size truck offers unmatched utility that we've made full use of over the years from its 4WD to its cargo carrying capacity.

In future we'd love to move to an electric vehicle, but for our needs, things aren't there yet so for now we'll be sticking with our Ford F-150.

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