We love stats and tracking things!

2017 stats

Miles traveled

15,552 air miles.

11,809 road trip miles traveled by car. The longest trip was 3300 miles in 11 days driving to Phoenix and then renting an RV and doing an Arizona - New Mexico loop vising 6 National Park units. The second longest trip was 2700 miles in 10 days for a ski road trip skiing in Tahoe, Utah and Colorado and visiting 3 National Park units along the way.

2,646 miles spent on Amtrak trains over two trips, one from San Francisco to Portland, OR; second from Spokane, WA to Chicago, IL.


In 2017 we spent 63 nights (or 17%) outside of our home (this does NOT count staying at each other places before we moved in). This is the first year I have looked at this and it was quite fun! Here is the breakdown:

39 nights in hotels
9 in AirBnBs
8 nights in an RV over 3 separate trips. This is a first for both of us. It was quite fun to rent and try out different RVs.
3 in a tent (in Death Valley and Mojave Desert)
3 on a train
1 on a plane

Places visited

13 National Park Units visited
2 new National Parks: Saguaro NP, Petrified Forest NP
5 new National Monuments: Organ Pipe Cactus NM, White Sands NM, John Day Fossil Beds NM (Painted Hills), Dinosaur NM, Colorado NM
2 new other types: Mojave National Preserve and Rosie The Riveter National Historic Park.

8 states visited: Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Nevada, Utah, Colorado - Matt visited Colorado for the first time.

1 new country visited by Diana: Georgia.

All time stats

Here is a map of states that we both have been to.

Map of Visited US States
Map of Visited US States

On our fridge we have a paper map in which we mark the National Parks we both have visited. Dark green markers are those that we have been to, which is 23 National Parks so far.

Visited National Parks Map
Visited National Parks Map