Migrating email from Proton Mail to MXRoute

With an estimated 320 billion emails sent and received in 2021, using the right email provider is critical. Which is why I recently made a big change.

We have electricity!

We have electricity!

2 days agoNews

We've been excitedly waiting for the time when our electrical service would be installed and we'd finally have power - this was the week.

Electrical Service: Part 1 - Design

Kicking off our series on installing electrical service, we walk through service sizing, transformer location and primary transmission line placement.

Off-grid or on-grid?

Off-grid or on-grid?

1 week agoHouse Build

As we're building our dream home in Vermont, there's one big question we have to answer: should we connect to power or go off-grid?

Well Install: Part 4 - Water Testing

Before we can drink from our well, we need to test the water to make sure it's safe. After a nervous wait, here's what we discovered.

Well Install: Part 3 - Temporary Setup

How do you run a well pump manually using power from a generator? We create a temporary setup to do just that and fill our RV tank.

Moving house

Moving house

2 weeks agoHouse Build

After six months in one spot, it was finally time to hookup the RV again, but this time our journey was a little shorter than usual!

Should we buy our shipping container?

After renting our shipping container for 12 months, it was time to make a decision - should we buy it or keep on renting?

Well Install: Part 2 - Pump Installation

You might think installing a well pump is a job for the professionals, but we did it ourselves and added some very cool extra capability!

Well Install: Part 1 - Drilling

Well Install: Part 1 - Drilling

4 weeks agoHouse Build

We were so nervous about drilling a well. Would we hit water? How deep would we have to go? How much would it cost? There's only one way to find out....

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