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Joshua Tree along a road
National Parks

Driving through Joshua Tree National Park

Sunday 11th February, 2018

By now we have visited the Joshua Tree National Park twice. The first time was in November 2015 on our way back a Grand Canyon tour and the second time was February 2017 on our way to Phoenix for an RV road trip through Arizona and New Mexico. Joshua Tree National Park is big and it takes time to drive through it, but even if you only have a half day to spare, it is totally worth it to drive through and stop by to experience the surreal desert landscape of rocks, cacti, and Joshua Trees (which are actually plants, not trees). [...]

Turtles at sunset near Mauna Lani Bay Hotel

A Week in Hawaii and a road trip around Big Island in a day

Sunday 11th February, 2018

I had promised Matt a relaxing vacation sitting by the pool and doing nothing. Two years later it finally happened. [...]

Prewitt Ridge sunset behind a hammock
Campground Reviews

Prewitt Ridge Campground, Big Sur

Friday 9th February, 2018

We hadn't planned on going to Big Sur. Originally the plan was Kings Canyon & Sequoia, but due to the fires, that seemed unwise. Then we looked at Pinnacles National Park, but the only campground there was full. So we looked at Big Sur - and I'm so pleased we did! Whilst researching campgrounds in the area, I stumbled upon Wis Siler's blog post about Prewitt Ridge Campground: How To Find The Most Beautiful Car Camping Spot In The World - and he's not lying! [...]

National Parks

Skyline Trail, Mount Rainier National Park

Thursday 8th February, 2018

I've been to Bellevue, WA many times - almost always on business trips. From our office we have beautiful views across to Mount Rainier, but I have never been there before. This time, at the suggestion of a colleague, I had flown up on Saturday (rather than Sunday evening or early Monday morning as I would otherwise have done) so that we could go for a hike around Mount Rainier on Sunday. We would drive up to Paradise and hike the Skyline Trail from there. [...]

Final stop of the Mojave Road overlanding trip

Welcome to the Adventurous Way of Life

Saturday 3rd February, 2018

Welcome to our new blog: Adventurous Way! Matt and Diana here. We love traveling, exploring and adventuring. We have done some epic trips and our friends keep asking about them. In order to not let all that research go to waste we decided to start a blog called Adventurous Way to share our adventures, itineraries and tips. [...]