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Self-Hosted Podcast: Adventurous Build (Episode 53)

This week I was invited to join Self-Hosted show hosts Chris Fisher and Alex Kretzschmar to talk about my experience with self-hosting  in the RV.

GAFFL: RV Travel

GAFFL: RV Travel

1 year agoAs Featured In

We were interviewed by the team at GAFFL to share our story of RV life - our inspiration for RVing, the benefits it has brought us and much more!

Ars Technica: Smart Home Nirvana

Ars Technica: Smart Home Nirvana

1 year agoHome Automation

Our home automation system was recently featured by Ars Technica in their article about achieving smart home nirvana without a subscription.

2021 Online RTR: Basic Solar

Solar brings the promise of free, silent, and off-grid energy - but is it really that simple? Join me as I take a look at the basics of RV solar, including what makes up a solar system, the pros and cons of solar, and how to get started.

Pandemic RV Travel (Interview with Smart Family Money)

The pandemic has profoundly changed society, and many are now wondering whether RV travel is a safe and practical alternative to traditional vacations.

Stories from the Road Podcast - Episode 72

Host Sam Nuerminger featured us on his weekly podcast, Stories from the Road, to share our story about our quest to visit all 419 National Park Units in the US.

Adventurous Way Featured in RV Life Magazine

Our story was picked up by RV Life Magazine who published a great article about our journey.

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Grading begins

Grading begins

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After a couple of hectic weeks of final preparation, this week we had our first glimpse of what lies beneath the surface on our property.

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Change of Plans

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