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New Tool Day: Table Saw & Planer

We visited the Rockler store in Salem, NH to pick up some exciting new tools - a Sawstop Jobsite Table Saw and Dewalt DW735X planer.

Aquatank II - Portable Water Bladder Review

We review why we chose the Aquatank 2 for hauling water to our RV, which size we opted for, and our first impressions about its construction.

WEN 56235i Generator Unboxing and Break In

We unbox our brand new WEN portable generator for an unbiased review as we put it through a break-in procedure to help ensure its longevity.

Choosing a Portable Generator

We need a portable generator for our RV and house-build, and thought we knew what we were going to buy... until a last minute change of plan!

Wood Chipping with the Vermeer BC900XL

We rented a Vermeer BC900XL brush chipper to see how quickly we could process our slash and log piles - can it really chip 9" logs?

Kubota L3901 Compact Tractor

We bought a brand new Kubota L3901 4WD HST compact tractor with attachments and accessories for helping build our house.

Jobsite Battery Charging with the Dewalt DCB104

An in-depth review of how to use the Dewalt DCB104 4-port battery charger to keep your cordless power tools working all day long.

Game of Logging: Chainsaw Training

This week I attended a Game of Logging training course by Northeast Woodland Training to learn the basics of safe chainsaw operation and tree felling.

Tractor Shopping

Tractor Shopping

1 year agoLifestyle

We've been researching tractors lately and in the past few weeks, we've been out shopping to try to find the perfect tractor for our land!

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Breaking ground... and machines!

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Grading begins

Grading begins

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After a couple of hectic weeks of final preparation, this week we had our first glimpse of what lies beneath the surface on our property.

Change of Plans

Change of Plans

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