WEN 56235i Generator Unboxing and Break In

WEN 56235i Generator Unboxing and Break In

6 months agoTools & Equipment

We unbox our brand new WEN portable generator for an unbiased review as we put it through a break-in procedure to help ensure its longevity.

Choosing a Portable Generator

Choosing a Portable Generator

7 months agoHouse Build

We need a portable generator for our RV and house-build, and thought we knew what we were going to buy... until a last minute change of plan!

5 Basic Electrical Tools Every RVer Should Have

With these 5 easy-to-use and inexpensive tools, you'll be in a good position to diagnose and potentially fix some basic electrical problems in your RV.

2021 Online RTR: Basic Solar

Solar brings the promise of free, silent, and off-grid energy - but is it really that simple? Join me as I take a look at the basics of RV solar, including what makes up a solar system, the pros and cons of solar, and how to get started.

5 Tips for Winter RVing

5 Tips for Winter RVing

2 years agoWinter RVing

Winter RVing can be amazing IF you can handle the cold! Here are our top tips to stay warm and cozy in your RV, even during the coldest winter weather!

Xfinity Cable Internet in an RV

Xfinity Cable Internet in an RV

2 years agoNetworking

Sick of unreliable and slow RV park WiFi? Struggling with cellular connectivity? We signed up for Xfinity for high-speed cable internet in our RV this winter.

NoFreezeWaterHose Fresh & Waste Hose Installation

If you're looking for the ultimate heated hoses for winter camping in your RV, then look no further - we've installed and reviewed the NoFreezeWaterHose fresh water and waste hoses.

Preparing for Winter RV Living

If you're going to spend a cold winter living in an RV, you need to be prepared. Here's what we're doing to stay safe and comfortable in northern Vermont.

Battle Born Cold Charging Study: Analysis

Can you use lithium batteries in cold temperatures? That's what Battle Born sought to find out in their study, and here's our analysis!

Airstream Electrical Upgrade

How we installed 600Ah RELion lithium batteries, 1,000W solar panels, a Victron 3000 inverter and dual DC-to-DC chargers on an Airstream Flying Cloud.

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Grading begins

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Change of Plans

Change of Plans

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