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Milling Pine, First Snow & New Tools

We're in a race against time to mill the pine logs for our solar kiln and get them stacked and stickered before we leave Vermont for winter.

Solar Kiln Build: Part 1 - Floor Assembly

Find our why we decided to build a solar kiln to dry green, rough sawn lumber, and how we built a crazy strong floor assembly for our portable solar kiln.

Milling our First Log & Building Saw Horses

After  assembling our brand new Woodland Mills HM126 Woodlander XL sawmill, we couldn't wait to mill our first log to make stickers, cants and saw horses!

Assembling the Woodland Mills HM126 XL Sawmill

After waiting more than 3 months, our Woodland Mills saw mill finally arrived! It took us about 2 days to get it assembled, but now we're ready to start milling!

Cutting Firewood

Cutting Firewood

1 month agoFirewood

We turned the trees cleared from our driveway construction into enough firewood for a LOT of campfires using a chainsaw, homemade sawbuck and hydraulic log splitter.

Buying a Used Equipment Trailer

Less than 48 hours after seeing a For Sale sign at the side of the road, we had bought a 20ft equipment trailer!

Welcome Party

Welcome Party

2 months agoNews

Having great neighbors is really important to us, and our new neighbors threw us an amazing welcome party as we spent our first weekend in the RV on our own land.

Renting a Shipping Container

Renting a Shipping Container

2 months agoShipping Container

We rented a 40ft high cube shipping container for temporary secure, dry storage for our tools and materials while we build our house, finally freeing up our truck bed!

Clearing Brush, Shipping Container & RV Updates

It's been a busy week with lots of development on the land, plus my first hands-on experience with a sawmill!

Blazing Trails

Blazing Trails

4 months agoKubota

We decided to use the wood chips from last week's chipping to spread on our land to make some nice hiking trails - but it's a slow process!

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Thanksgiving 2021

Thanksgiving 2021

2 days agoLifestyle

With so much to do before we leave Vermont for winter, will we get everything done in time? It's been busy, but we decided to relax this Thanksgiving.

Milling 2x4s on our Sawmill

We used our Woodland Mills HM126 sawmill to cut over over a hundred 2x4s that we'll use to frame our portable solar kiln.

Storing 100TB in an RV

Storing 100TB in an RV

6 days agoBehind the Scenes

This week we picked up another 14TB Easystore drive in the sales, bringing our total to over 100TB of data storage in the RV - here's how we do it!