DIY Portable Solar Panel

DIY Portable Solar Panel

Thursday 21st November, 2019

A portable folding suitcase solar panel is one of the easiest ways to get started with solar, but they can be very expensive - so we built our own for half the price! [...]

Apple CarPlay in Ford F-150

Apple CarPlay in a Ford F-150

Monday 16th September, 2019

Officially, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto weren't available until 2017 Ford F-150 models, but we'll show you how we added it to our 2016 Ford F-150. [...]

Auto-Fold Mirrors FORScan Hack

Ford F-150 FORScan Hacks

Monday 9th September, 2019

Using nothing more than a laptop and a cheap diagnostic dongle, I'll show you how to unlock loads of new features on your Ford F-150. [...]

600W RV Rooftop Solar Panels

RV Solar: Part 4 - Adding More Capacity

Monday 2nd September, 2019

Sooner or later, you may find yourself wanting to add more capacity to your RV's solar system. For us it happened sooner, but not for the reason we expected! [...]

RV Rooftop Solar Panels

RV Solar: Part 3 - Installing Rooftop Solar Panels

Monday 26th August, 2019

Rooftop solar panels means effortless, free electricity whenever the sun is shining - and that lets us stay off grid for longer! [...]

Portable RV Solar Panel

RV Solar: Part 2 - Renogy 100W Portable Solar Panel

Monday 19th August, 2019

Buying a portable solar panel can be the easiest and quickest way to get started, but there are some things you should know first. [...]

RV Solar Install

RV Solar: Part 1 - Introduction & Goals

Monday 12th August, 2019

Installing solar panels on your RV is essential for boondocking off-grid. We've learned so much in the last year! [...]

New RV Kitchen Faucet with Ultrapure Water Filter

Installing a Double Kitchen Faucet and Ultrapure RV Water Filter

Friday 2nd August, 2019

Upgrading our kitchen faucet and adding a dedicated filtered water spout for the Ultrapure under-sink filter system. [...]

How to easily add 12V outlets into your RV slide

Installing 12V Outlets in our Slide Out

Sunday 28th July, 2019

Adding 12V outlets in our slide to make our dinette area even more usable. [...]

Radio Thermostat CT101

Upgrading to a Smart WiFi RV Thermostat

Saturday 15th June, 2019

Most RV thermostats are cheap, low-end units - certainly nothing like the fancy domestic WiFi models. Find out how we added a WiFi-controllable thermostat in our RV. [...]

Installing the Progressive Indusgries EMS-HW30C

RV Electrical Upgrade: Part 4 – Installing Progressive Industries EMS-HW30C

Saturday 25th May, 2019

Installing the Progressive Industries EMS-HW30C surge protector is the last item as we connect our Battle Born Lithium batteries and Victron MultiPlus inverter to our RV. [...]

Unsafe Zamp Rooftop Solar Combiner Box

Unsafe Zamp Solar Combiner Box

Monday 4th February, 2019

Many RVs nowadays are coming with rooftop solar pre-installed, or at least pre-wired for you to add solar panels later. If you have solar on your roof or are considering installing solar, you should DEFINITELY read this... [...]